Why do we have so many lives?

For the past 12 months, I fully focused on writing hands on posts to help anyone make the most of Twitter, Facebook, blogging or the like. It has only been since I am spending these few days in my home country in Austria, that I have been triggered to start blogging more about my reflections … Read more

On being happy

For the whole past night I lay awake without sleeping a minute, mostly because I am still fully jet-lagged from the move to Europe yesterday. For some reason, the one thought that entered my mind was one about what it means to be happy. Yes, of course, being on an exciting startup journey, there are … Read more

Why we are taking our startup to Hong Kong

This year has been more eventful for me than the 20 before it. Literally it has been crazy. Here is a summary of the last year for you: In January I joined Joel, who founded Buffer, to manage the Buffer Twitter account, besides my studying in the UK. I quickly became sucked in, took over … Read more