Why do we have so many lives?

multiple-hats-2547477For the past 12 months, I fully focused on writing hands on posts to help anyone make the most of Twitter, Facebook, blogging or the like. It has only been since I am spending these few days in my home country in Austria, that I have been triggered to start blogging more about my reflections on life in general.

And it has been amazing. One thing, that I am very happy to put into words, is this idea of how many lives we have.

We have a private life, a public life. We have a work life, a school life, a party life, a love life and I am sure you can name lots of others. I never understood why.

The problem I had in my head with this, is that with each “life” comes a new personality that we develop. A new set of expectations we want to meet in each “life”. This is darn hard to keep up with.

I always felt that it is hard enough to focus on getting one life right. Why create so many?

The beauty of having just one life

As a startup founder, making the change to just living one life comes very easily – I admit. You are so focused on one thing and each additional complication is a burden, you thankfully get rid of.

Here is why I feel this is so great to live one life, without subsets of others. I can walk into a club and speak the same thoughts I have in my head to a girl, as I can to my family. And again I can speak with the same mindset to my co-founder, give an interview or play football.

Whilst I am aware, it might be just me having this issue (and solving it), it is just awesome to always be your one self. In each life situation.

I used to switch hats or “lives” a lot. And it is an amazing feeling not do this anymore.

Doing things the simple way

Whilst all I want to do actually is aiming to be happy, this idea of living one life with one mindset is a big contributor.

I feel that it is very easy to cramp more thoughts in your head, overcomplicate and think this is the way to go. With a focus on trying to make everything simple and not putting yourself into the situation of creating 10 “You’s”, everything becomes a lot clearer I believe.

It is hard to just have one life

Now, I think it is actually pretty hard to do this. I feel I am struggling with it ever day. Yet, the more I focus on it, the better I feel.

Every day we experience so many different situations and give new people new and other impressions from ourselves. It is very easy to try and to want to live up to these once created expectations of ourselves. It makes us feel comfortable and it doesn’t disrupt things.

It also requires us to have a very deep understanding and feeling of confidence about ourselves. This isn’t any easier to achieve either.

Yet, aiming to see everything through just one lens instead of a dozen, will give you a chance to sharpen your perspective more than anything I believe.

Ok, I promise to back to fully actionable startup marketing tips real soon, but what do you think about this? Is it worth trying to live just one life?

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