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Do you know them? The days in the lifetime of your startup where you just suck at what you are doing? Today is one of those days for me.

I am in the 4 month of building a startup (Buffer). The ups and downs we have seen so far were numerous and to put it in one sentence: I am having the time of my life.


Yet today is kind of different. Yes, I could name a few things why I am not productive today and what has caused it, but really I think it might just be another excuse.

I am also convinced that this is a passing thing. In the exact moment that I am writing this I realise it might only be a half day, that I suck. After I hit publish on this post I am sure I will be back to produce.

Admit it when you suck

When I feel I am having a bad day I tried a few things. I tried continuing work as usual, forcing myself to focus and getting the things done I had on my list.

Not a good idea I found out.

Even though there were a few things I got done, something happened which I only realized after that day of work: I didn’t enjoy myself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am fully convinced that there are times where you have to push yourself further to reach a new level.

That’s not what I mean.

Be your own Shrink

When I am having a bad day and I try to do work as usual it backlashes badly and the feeling of “sucking” lasts a lot longer. Trying to find a healthy balance between work and rest is one of the key things I found out.

So whenever I feel that today is not a good day I admit it. I switch everything off, probably watch an episode of family guy and go for coffee with a friend. Sometimes this is enough to bring me back on track.

And I try to think it through. What’s causing this day? Actually (fortunately) 10 out of 10 times it has nothing to do with the work on our startup. There are some things bothering me that I just didn’t get to the bottom off.

Being my own shrink in these situations helps me a great deal to get back to what I am supposed to do.

It doesn’t matter

Joel, the awesome guy I am working together with says: These days don’t matter.

And they don’t. What matters is the consistency. It matters that you get up every day and enjoy building this thing which will make other people’s lives a bit easier and solve some pains.

If you have a few of these days, so what? I learnt that I am far better off to admit it to myself, take the day off or do whatever it takes to suck less again.

Do you suck sometimes?

Writing this post just brought back my energy, so yes it was a very selfish act you could argue. But how about you?

Can you relate to what I talk about here?

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