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Mark McLeod, Mark Suster and many others often advise that you  need someone like that:


So when I thought about writing this post, I wanted to be a cool expert too. Going on and telling you about how important it is, that you have someone typing away, day and night. Someone blogging about your product or your niche all day long.

I decided,  there is no point in doing this. Simply, because I have no clue. I have no clue, whether this will work for you. I am not even sure whether this really works for me. It was only 6 months ago, that I have started to get fully involved with a startup.

So all that follows is a few simple experiences.

Do you need this guy?

What I do all day long for my current startup is writing. Every day, I get up and start typing away. Lots of blogposts about all things Twitter, blogging and other topics in Social Media.

Intuitively, I think that this makes sense. My startup is a “Saasy”, a Twitter App and so, writing in and about this space, is something that brought us great additional exposure.

Is this for you though? Yes, I thought so, but frankly I don’t know. With all the different types of Apps and networks that are being created, applying this experience to other situations is something I am not comfortable with talking about. Lots of startups have succeeded in the past, without having a blog or without having someone that blogs about it all day.

Amongst all the things, it seems to be one way out of many that you can use to get more people using your product.

Why is writing great?

Now, with all the popular good things, that blogging brings. The traffic, the signups, the relationships, the backlinks. You name it. Let’s forget that for a second.

Amongst all the many things you might want to blog for, there are 2 things, which motivate me the most. They have nothing to do with the above. And unfortunately, the above sometimes obscures these 2 reasons.


The foremost driver for me is the urge to create. With blogging, I can produce unique pieces, that I greatly enjoy once finished. Because they are unique, finished pieces. Am I repeating myself?

I tried to come up with a less abstract reasoning. But this is the best I could do. Being able to create and loving to produce is amazing, regardless of the quality or perception of others.


The second main reason I love being the typing guy are the topics. The main one for me is Twitter. Twitter is amazing, I am blown away by its power. It is a constant reminder for me to stay curious of the new and unexplored. To remain open minded and watch out for the millions of other people doing their thing in the same space.

Did you expect something else?

I am sorry, if you came here to read a post on why there needs to be someone in your startup typing all day. Or how to do it. All I could come up with is why writing is such a great thing. The above things are the main reason I do it. And I sometimes forget them. I shouldn’t.

Enjoying the moment and celebrating what we are doing right now sometimes gets out of hand. It’s not a bad thing I believe. I just had to recalibrate again.

I have seriously no idea, how this will play out in the long run for Buffer. So anything you have on your mind regarding this would be greatly appreciated. How important is writing for you and your startup?

Photocredit: Brian Lane Winfield Moore

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