Do you pounce?

English is not my native language. So every so often, there are words I come across, that really fascinate me.

One of those words is “to pounce”. The word alone, when you pronounce it, is extremely powerful. Just try speaking it out loud now: “to pounce”.

And what’s even more powerful is the mindset it conveys. In the dictionary, I found this:

pounce 1 |pouns|

verb [ no obj. ]

(of an animal or bird of prey) spring or swoop suddenly so as to catch prey: the wolf pounced on the rat | she looked like a vulture waiting to pounce.

In the startup world, being able to pounce to me is what could differentiate you from succeeding or failing. It means that you are ready to not just see the opportunities that are presented to you every day. But you follow through, with precision and focus to make them happen and become reality.

You are so determined, you take no excuses, you do whatever it takes. You pounce on it.

The more often you are able to pounce, the more success you will have. It takes guts and persistence to work your way against the natural inertia whenever these chances arise.

But once you manage to do so, every second of the day, becomes a new opportunity.

Do you pounce?

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