About Leo Starts Up

Leo Starts Up is a hub for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs alike to learn how to start and grow a business. Whether your business idea is the next unicorn tech startup or you just want to run a local small business you’ll find the tips and advice you need.

Leo Starts Up was started in 2011 by Leo Widrich as his personal blog where he would share his thoughts and lessons he learned throughout the process of launching his startup company Buffer with co-founder Joel Gascoigne. Buffer had amazing success very quickly, reaching over 100,000 users within it’s first 9 months. The company continued to grow rapidly reaching over 1 million users by 2013 and by 2014 had raised nearly $4 million from venture capital. Today Buffer is one of the leading social media management software tools on the market with more than 4.5 million users and over $16 million in annual revenue.

Our Mission

Leo Starts Up strives to be a home for entrepreneurs to learn how to create their business, succeed, and share their journey with others. To do this we provide free how to guides, reviews of business tools and software, and interview success entrepreneurs.

Meet our Team

Joseph Corso is the content manager and a staff writer for Leo Starts Up. Joseph has spent over a decade writing on finance, accounting, and marketing. In his free time Joseph loves watching hockey and cheering on the San Jose Sharks.
Liz is a staff writer for Leo Starts Up. She loves covering all things about entrepreneurship and tech. In her off hours Liz is an avid biking enthusiast and loves learning new recipes to refine her culinary abilities.