Crying / Hi, I’m Leo

It hit me a few months ago that over the last 10 years or so, I couldn’t remember having cried once. For some reason, and I’m trying to trace back why, I trained myself to not ever cry. I explored whether that was my environment and concluded it wasn’t since I have seen all of my close … Read more

How I forgot to scale my sleep

Recently something fascinating happened to me and I want to tell you about it. Forgetting to scale my sleep when working out Gradually, over the last year or so, I started to work out a lot more. I hit the gym roughly 5 times a week. It’s been a great way to strike a balance … Read more

Thoughts On Building Your Startup Whilst In College / Hi, I'm Leo

Ever since the Social Network was released, it feels there is a new hype building up around creating your own “thing”. Which will eventually turn into Facebook or something. Hiten Shah, someone I truly respect for his startup achievements brought me onto this and reflected upon it in this week’s newsletter. He brought it to the … Read more

Listening to music is like taking drugs / Hi, I'm Leo

There is a question I’ve recently asked myself: When was the last time I’ve actually listened to music? I don’t mean: When was the last time I walked somewhere and I listened to music. Or: When was the last time I was on the train and listened to music. Or: When was the last time I … Read more

What happens to us when we meditate? / Hi, I'm Leo

Out of all the definitions I’ve read about meditation and its benefits, there is one story from Thich Nhat Hanh that I keep remembering and quoting whenever I’m in discussion with people about the topic. Today three children, two girls and a little boy, came from the village to play with Thanh Thuy (pronounced ‘Tahn … Read more

It’s your privilege / Hi, I'm Leo

Every evening, or sometimes during the day, I’m writing to do lists. Or sometimes an Anti-to do list. I love these lists. Seriously, I think it’s a great feeling to tick things off and to feely mightily productive. Yet, sometimes, these lists can build up. It can feel that I have to work through them, … Read more

Arena thinking

A great entrepreneur I look up to and friend of mine was recently covered by one of the largest mainstream newspapers in her country. She received a lot of hate and negativity from the audience, something all too common for mainstream news. It triggered me to think more as the conversation led on to talking … Read more

The myth of doing “that one thing” / Hi, I'm Leo

Over the last two years since I’ve been working on Buffer, there is one particular theme that keeps coming up over and over. It is in fact so consistent both in my own actions and other startups and founders that I work with, that I felt it finally deserved a full post. It is the … Read more

Why positivity trumps everything / Hi, I'm Leo

How do you focus on daily positivity and happiness in life? You practice it every day, just like playing the violin or learning to ride a bike. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learnt so far with Buffer and with general activities that helps become a happier self: Would love to get your thoughts … Read more

Become free of your ambition

A few days ago, I was in bed, getting ready to fall asleep. Often when I’m lying in bed, I listen to a talk by Thich Nhat Hanh on SoundCloud. I find his voice and insights very soothing and it helps me calm my thoughts down and go to sleep gently. That night again, I was … Read more

How do you find the right Co-Founder? / Hi, I'm Leo

Over the past of my brief startup experience I have worked with 4 different people to get something of the ground. Neither of those collaborations worked out and we eventually parted in very different directions. In my current (actually first real) startup the experience couldn’t be any different. Me and Joel are in such great … Read more

The “being realistic” fallacy / Hi, I'm Leo

On my way to the airport this week, I’ve had an amazing conversation with Joel. It was about a topic I thought I had nailed for a long time and realized that actually rather the opposite was the case. Joel told me something very inspiring along the lines of that whenever someone mentions the phrase … Read more

The importance of a daily morning routine / Hi, I'm Leo

How do you start your day and why is it so important to take control of it? In the second episode of startup life, Joel and I are discussing the various benefits of having a clear and set daily routine:   It’d be great to get your thoughts on what the first things are you … Read more

We’re turning Buffer into a forest

I remember a conversation with Joel, when we first heard about a company operating without managers. We were absolutely baffled. There was no way, we thought, that Buffer could ever work in that way. How can any work get done without managers? We concluded that this is one of the things we will just never … Read more


The other day,  I was at the gym with my co-founder Joel and we started a short discussion about other products as part of Buffer’s product offering we might enjoy building one day. We went through various problems we’d enjoy solving, like online payments, social media monitoring and so forth. At one point, we got into … Read more

Personal Transparency

My co-founder Joel and I recently received $1m in cash each, through Buffer’s latest funding round. It triggered a fascinating discussion between us about why and if we should share this with the world and be transparent about it. $1m is pocket change in Silicon Valley terms, but for me, this is more money than … Read more


For the last 2 to 3 years, about every day, I would wake up, open my laptop and type the letter “g” into the Google Chrome bar and hit enter. Chrome would auto-complete it to “”. It was like a daily ritual to check on Buffer’s growth numbers from a number of different angles. Revenue, … Read more