The first people using your product are an amazing breed

Skip to navigation Have you ever experienced the “fear of shipping”? It’s when you are about to launch a new product or experience and your lizard brain kicks in. It starts telling you things such as “it’s not yet good enough” or “everyone will laugh at me for this”. So you go back and work … Read more

Slowing down

Every morning there is a cleaning lady from our apartment building that I see in our common area. I always greet her, friendly and with a big smile. She doesn’t speak much English, so she always just smiles back. If I were to guess, I would say she is probably in her late 50s. She … Read more

7 Steps To Get Press Coverage For Your Startup

The following post is a summary of How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide, a guestpost I wrote for Dharmesh Shah on Onstartups. Getting stories written up for your startup isn’t easy. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most important things, especially during your early days I found. The below tips have … Read more

Make the decisions you take the ones that actually count

Recently, I’ve been on a trip and someone awesome asked me a few questions onsight-seeing, going to restaurants and doing other stuff near Hong Kong. To nearly every question, I would answer with “sounds good, let’s do it”. After I answered this a few times, it must have been somewhat odd. I got asked: “Do … Read more

Why we are much smarter than we think we are

Recently I met someone whom I greatly admire for what they do. They knew everything about restaurants, bars and so forth about a new city (Hong Kong) that I had just moved to. When I asked, why don’t you start sharing it with others more, the answer was “oh, there is others who know way … Read more

The importance of sleep in a startup

One of the biggest myths in startups, that just can’t seem to be killed is this notion of working day and night and never sleeping. Over the past 12 months, the time since I have joined Buffer as Co-Founder, was also the time, where I have developed the most focused sleeping routine in my life. … Read more

How to get started with anything

There’s a funny thing about getting started: it’s the hard part. At least that’s what I believe, when really, the hardest part (and most important part) is to just keep going. In Andrew Warner’s guide on getting started with video interviews, he said: I don’t want you doubting yourself or procrastinating after your first interview. … Read more

How to ask someone for help via email

Oh boy, I used to be the absolutely worst at this. When I started out building stuff and developing a first few startup ideas, I used to ask others for help a lot. And I think it is fantastic to do this. The way of asking, however, can often be tricky. I remembered to pour … Read more

How going to the gym makes you stronger

The reason for going to the gym is clear, it always seemed to me. You head there to lose weight, to gain muscle, stay healthy or else. Over time I realised one thing though. There are triggers far more powerful than gaining a bigger biceps to motivate you to go to the gym. In fact, … Read more

Why do we have so many lives?

For the past 12 months, I fully focused on writing hands on posts to help anyone make the most of Twitter, Facebook, blogging or the like. It has only been since I am spending these few days in my home country in Austria, that I have been triggered to start blogging more about my reflections … Read more

On being happy

For the whole past night I lay awake without sleeping a minute, mostly because I am still fully jet-lagged from the move to Europe yesterday. For some reason, the one thought that entered my mind was one about what it means to be happy. Yes, of course, being on an exciting startup journey, there are … Read more

Why we are taking our startup to Hong Kong

This year has been more eventful for me than the 20 before it. Literally it has been crazy. Here is a summary of the last year for you: In January I joined Joel, who founded Buffer, to manage the Buffer Twitter account, besides my studying in the UK. I quickly became sucked in, took over … Read more

How I Used Guest Blogging For My Startup

Only a few weeks back we hit a major milestone and celebrated 6 months since the launch of our startup. As a team of two we reflected a bit on what contributed to our success for sign-ups. Guestposting amongst other things emerged as one of the biggest drivers. I believe guestposting is especially helpful if … Read more

Your Startup Needs A Blog [Top 4 Reasons in 2023]

“We had a blog. We had an audience that then became our customers.” ~ Jason Fried, 37Signals. The stories about how startups have succeeded because of blogs are amazing. Starting with 37Signals, who launched BaseCamp with their blog as it boasted tens of thousands of subscribers. Or Wufoo, doing it in a similar manner of … Read more